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Carevive Introduces Carevive SMART Data™ to Highlight the Real-World Oncology Patient Experience

By September 23, 2021No Comments
Carevive SMART Data

Carevive SMART Data™ is a novel, real-world dataset that presents the most comprehensive picture of the holistic experience of patients with cancer.

September 23, 2021 – Miami, FL – Carevive Systems (Carevive), the leading oncology-focused health technology company centered on understanding and improving the experience of patients with cancer, today launched Carevive SMART Data™, a dataset containing information from patients about their experience with treatment, combined with demographic and clinical data.

As the healthcare industry becomes more saturated with big data, the search continues for data that can inform decisions that positively impact the experience and outcomes of patients with cancer. Big data, defined by large datasets with substantial numbers of patients and a wide array of clinical and claims data, can support certain types of statistical analyses. However, these datasets are limited because their datapoints are discrete, providing only sequential snapshots of a patient’s health status, without a more continuous assessment of the patient’s experience on treatment, which can only originate from the patients themselves.

In response to the need for this type of dataset, Carevive uses its digital oncology platform to collect information from patients about their experience at weekly time points during treatment. These data are combined with demographic and clinical data to create Carevive SMART Data™ (Symptom Monitoring with Applied Remote Technology).

Carevive SMART Data™

Carevive SMART Data™ are captured as part of Carevive OPT-IN®. Carevive OPT-IN®, the Oncology Pragmatic Trial Investigator Network, enables patient experience data to be collected from real-world patients who are receiving treatment for cancer. Carevive OPT-IN began in late 2020 to amplify the patient voice in their own care and improve their outcomes. Carevive SMART Data™ are collected as part of an ongoing, weekly conversation between the patient and their care team, facilitated by Carevive’s cloud-based, digital oncology platform that patients can access with a variety of devices, from any location. Providing patients with remote symptom monitoring enables longitudinal data to be collected describing the holistic patient experience, including symptoms, quality of life, physical function, and healthcare resource utilization.

Licenses to Carevive SMART Data™ are available for life science companies who would like to analyze patient-centric data combining longitudinal patient-reported outcomes (PRO) with EHR-derived clinical data. By listening to the patient’s voice in cancer care, Carevive can now address many important questions about the patient experience in cancer which have not been answered by big data.

Mordecai Kramer, Carevive’s Vice President of Data Generation & Outcomes, Life Sciences, summarizes the value of this novel dataset as follows: “We are excited about Carevive SMART Data™ and the holistic view of the patient experience that it provides. Since launching our registries, we are already seeing the value this longitudinal dataset creates for improving patient care and outcomes. We invite life science companies to join the Carevive SMART Data™ conversation and, together, answer pressing questions about real-world patients with cancer.”

Click here if you would like to learn more about Carevive SMART Data™.

About Carevive Systems

Carevive Systems, founded in 2013, is an oncology-focused health technology company centered on understanding and improving the experience of patients with cancer. Our platform enables clinicians to monitor and manage their patients remotely, which improves survival outcomes and patient quality of life. Use of Carevive in the clinic unlocks critical data on the real-world experience of patients with cancer, to continuously improve patient care today and advance cancer drug development. For more information, please visit or follow us @carevive.