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Our Platform

 Improving the patient experience throughout the cancer journey

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Elicit patient preferences, clinical trial interest & physical/psychosocial issues, and quantify risk to optimize treatment decisions.

  • Patient risk stratification​
  • Shared-decision making​​
  • IOM Care Management Plans​
  • Advance care planning/advance directives​
  • Clinical trial matching


Monitor patient’s self-reported symptoms remotely. Studies have shown this can, which has been shown in multiple studies to extend time-on-treatment and overall survival, improve quality of life, and decrease emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

(Barbera et al., 2020; Basch et al., 2016; Girgis et al., 2020; Howell et al., 2020)
  • ePROs
  • Symptom self-management plans
  • Symptom trending dashboards


Continuously monitor patient-reported late effects of treatment and coordinate care and services, including diagnostic tests to detect new or recurrent cancers.

  • Survivorship care plans
  • Remote recurrence monitoring


Access aggregated patient experience data and benchmarking for continuous quality improvement.  RWE data to support oncology pragmatic research.

  • Population health management​
  • Continuous practice improvement

Overcoming Barriers to Adoption

The Carevive Approach

Deep Integration

We leverage your existing EHR technology & patient portal for seamless embedded integration ensuring no disruptions in clinical workflow featuring personalized and intuitive patient and provider user interfaces.

Driven by patient data

Building an end-to-end intelligent platform to support efficient capture and sharing of patient data and combining it with EHR data throughout the patient journey. Real-time exchange of patient data drives patient content and provider decision-making. Data drives continuous process improvement and learning.

Real-world evidence

Based upon real-world evidence – we maintain and do the heavy lifting to ensure clinical content is accurate and up-to-date.

Carevive is the only company offering an EHR-integrated cancer care management platform to improve cancer patient outcomes.  Automated personalized care plans for patients regarding self care, cancer center resources and emergency guidance are generated at any stage of the cancer care continuum.


Digital patient care plans for cancer patients

Explore the Carevive method for patient care plans.

Survivorship care plans are recommended for oncology patients to ensure that they are not “lost” in the system as they transition from active treatment back to primary care. In 2012, the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) mandated giving a survivorship care plan to every patient who received curative treatment — a roadmap for the path ahead.
What does follow up look like? What are your resources? How can you prevent and deal with lasting side effects?
Learn about our unique approach to generating automated, evidence-based and individualized survivorship care plans that address all of these questions and meet CoC accreditation standards.