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Unlocking the Missing Puzzle Piece in Real-World Cancer Data

Carevive OPT-IN™ - Unlocking the Missing Puzzle Piece in Cancer Real-World Data

Carevive SMART Data™Carevive SMART Data

A novel, real-world dataset that presents the most comprehensive picture of the holistic experience of patients with cancer. Our data promotes collaboration between stakeholders in the life science community to achieve advances in the care of patients with cancer.

  • The life science industry today continues to have an unmet need for data that can inform decisions that positively impact the experience and outcomes of patients with cancer.
  • Carevive uses our digital oncology platform to collect information from patients about their experience at weekly time points during treatment.
  • These data are combined with demographic and clinical data to create Carevive SMART Data™ (Symptom Monitoring with Applied Remote Technology) consisting of longitudinal data describing:
    • symptoms,
    • quality of life,
    • physical function,
    • healthcare resource utilization.
  • The Carevive SMART dataset is available for license to life science companies who would like to analyze the unique patient-centric dataset combining longitudinal patient-reported outcomes (PRO) with EHR-derived clinical data.
  • By listening to the patient’s voice in cancer care, life science companies can address many questions regarding the patient experience in cancer which have not yet been answered by big data.

“We are excited about Carevive SMART Data™ and the holistic view of the patient experience that it provides. Since launching our registries, we are already seeing the value this longitudinal dataset creates for improving patient care and outcomes.
We invite life science companies to join the Carevive SMART Data™ conversation and answer pressing questions about real-world patients with cancer.”

Mordecai KramerVP, Data Generation & Outcomes, Life Sciences

Collecting Patient Experience Data

Carevive SMART Data™

Value Proposition for Life Science Companies and Novel Use Cases

Trial Planning With PRO Measures
Value and Access 
Commercial Insights
  • How are patients responding to treatment across multiple domains of Patient Experience?
  • How is this impacted by demographics? Social determinants of health?
  • How do clinicians use and respond to patients based on their longitudinal PRO data?
  • How does the Patient Experience change over time?
  • How bothersome is treatment and what symptoms are most bothersome to the patient?
  • How does Patient Experience compare across different treatments?

Carevive SMART Data™

Building the Largest Real-World Cancer Patient Experience Database

Licensed by a growing list of life science companies, Carevive SMART Data™ is a novel and unique real-world patient experience dataset consisting of EHR-derived clinical data and longitudinal patient-reported outcomes (PRO). Together, this combination presents the most comprehensive picture of real-world symptoms of disease and treatment in cancer.

Life science companies can license these data to support discovery, trial planning with PRO measures, value and access, and commercial insights with novel evidence and insights including how and when therapies are being used in the real-world setting, differences between trial results and real-world data, and longitudinal patient experience.

Active Carevive Patient Experience Registries

Breast Cancer


Lung Cancer

Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) 

Multiple Myeloma

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL)

Ovarian Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer 

Bladder Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Kidney Cancer

Testicular Cancer

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) 

Skin Cancer

Head & Neck Cancer

Colorectal Cancer 

Anal Cancer

Rectal Cancer

Esophageal Cancer

Hepatobiliary Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)

Liver Cancer

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) 

Average datapoints per patient
Average symptoms per patient
Adherence: Weekly PROs

Amplify Your Oncology Insights with Carevive SMART Data™

Carevive OPT-IN™ - Cancer Real-World Data