Carevive PROmPt™

For continuous patient care inside and outside the clinic

Carevive PROmPt™ redefines patient-provider engagement.
Personalized symptom monitoring between visits with integrate ePROs (electronic patient-reported outcomes) back into your EHR.

Carevive PROmPt™ - Patient-Reported Outcomes Mobile Platform

Connecting Anywhere, Any Time to Improve Care

  • Patient enrollment via text messaging and/or email
  • Real-time EHR alerting of severe symptoms
  • View symptom trending dashboards
  • Evidence-based triage protocols
  • EHR documentation
  • Includes clinically validated cancer surveys and scales for compliance and consistency
  • Ongoing provider communication
  • Real-time, self-management advice for non-emergencies
  • Real-time communication for severe symptoms
  • Patients can report their symptoms digitally in a personalized engagement and review care their plans on any device

Connecting Patient Experiences to Providers

At the start of the cancer patient journey, cancer centers:

  • Have the ability to plan staff and resources prior to the patient’s visit
  • Immediately connect the patient to supportive care tools and resources
  • View a patient-specific task list to engage with care team to report symptoms and supportive care needs
Carevive- Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes Symptom Trend Dashboard

Manage Patient Symptoms and Side Effects in Real Time

  • Identification and effective management of high-risk patients
  • Engage patients in between visits while in the comfort of their own home
  • Fully embedded alerts
  • Deliver patient-centered care plans throughout the continuum
  • Improve symptom management
  • Lengthen time on treatment
  • Improve quality of life

Carevive PROmPt™ allows cancer centers to improve patient outcomes and optimize their resources.

Mary Wyatt - USA Mitchell Cancer Institute
Mary Wyatt, RN navigator at USA Mitchell Cancer Institute enrolling patients in Carevive PROmPt™.

Putting patients first

Improve the patient experience

Improve Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Reduce preventable healthcare utilization
Achieve quality outcomes and accreditation standards
Reduce clinical burden
Succeed in value-based care models

Anytime, Anywhere

Web-based platform allows for multi-device access.