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Remote Symptom Monitoring

Extending patient care outside the clinic with Native Apps on Apple and Android devices.

Carevive PROmpt® redefines patient-provider engagement.
Personalized symptom monitoring between visits with integrated electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) back into your EHR.

Carevive PROmpt® Native App allows cancer patients to report their symptoms from any mobile device.

Remote Symptom Monitoring Extending patient care outside the clinic with Native Apps on Apple and Android devices.

Putting Patients First

Improve patient experience with personalized care, available in both English and Spanish.

Easy to Use

Native mobile Apps increase accessibility and their usability means patients are more likely to respond leading to better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Anytime, Anywhere for Everyone

Web based, and native mobile apps allow patients to access their data from multiple devices and report symptoms anytime between visits and multi-language capabilities (English and Spanish), help bridge communication divides.

Improved Clinical and Financial Outcomes

  • Reduce preventable healthcare utilization
  • Achieve quality outcomes and accreditation standards while improving health equity
  • Reduce clinical burden
  • Succeed in value-based reimbursement care models

It was fairly simple and easy to complete...easy to navigate.

Breast Cancer Patient, CRMS

It is like taking a nurse home! I get what I need there in the PROmpt app...and I get what I need without having to [call] my doctor. It gave me information on my symptoms, gave me options to ease my symptoms. It gave me very clear directions on what to do.

Ovarian Cancer Patient and Carevive Prompt® User

I installed the [Carevive PROmpt®] app and it was smooth sailing from there, wish I had the app in the beginning. Once the app was installed, I could do the surveys with ease.

Breast Cancer Patient and Current Carevive PROmpt® User

Sometimes the symptoms checked are NOT asked about in next it feels like someone is helping. With the checkbox...someone called me back in a day.

Lung Cancer Patient, Billings Clinic

Sometimes I wanted to call and could not get in touch with doctor. But when I completed my survey and “checked” the box to call me back on certain symptoms, I was comfortable knowing they were to help me.

Breast Cancer Patient, Billings Clinic

I have a lot of pain with my diagnosis. My symptoms change weekly. By the time I see my doctor, I forget some of the symptoms, so reporting them weekly helps me keep up with new symptoms that I experience. I know my doctor is actually reading my reporting and my pain is well managed, and my nurse knows that the medications are working for me.

Breast Cancer Patient and Current Carevive PROmpt® User
Carevive PROmPt™ - Patient-Reported Outcomes Mobile Platform

Efficiently Monitoring Patients Outside the Clinic

Studies show that doctors miss up to half of patients’ symptoms during cancer treatment. However, when providers offer patients an electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) platform to systematically monitor and manage symptoms, symptoms are identified early, leading to longer patient time-on-treatment, fewer hospitalizations, better quality of life, and improved overall survival.

Additionally, studies have also found that language barriers in healthcare often lead to miscommunications and are increasingly impacting quality of care in a negative way. By offering these same ePRO tools in Spanish, communication channels are improved, helping to bridge language disparities. 

(Barbera et al., 2020; Basch et al., 2016; Girgis et al., 2020; Howell et al., 2020; Shamsi et al., 2020; Squires, 2018)

Mobile usage data for 2022 showed that users spend 88% of their time on mobile apps rather than accessing resources via responsive mobile websites. Because of this, the Carevive Prompt® Native App provides easier access for patients, ensuring their voice is a part of their cancer care. 

Connecting patient experiences to enable more productive provider visits

At the start of the cancer patient journey, cancer centers:

  • Have the ability to plan staff and resources prior to the patient’s visit
  • Have supportive care tools and resources readily available to connect to the patient
  • View patient-reported symptoms and supportive care needs to drive better patient-care team engagement
Carevive- Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes Symptom Trend Dashboard

Monitor Patient Symptoms and Side Effects

  • Engage patients in between visits while in the comfort of their own home
  • Respond to notifications as needed
  • Deliver patient-centered care plans throughout the continuum
  • Enable proactive symptom management
  • Symptom trending dashboards
  • Library of clinically validated PRO instruments
(Barbera et al., 2020; Basch et al., 2016; Girgis et al., 2020; Howell et al., 2020)