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Carevive is an oncology digital platform designed to improve cancer patient clinical outcomes and the financial health of the practice.

A growing network of oncology providers, their patients, and life science researchers use Carevive with bi-directional EHR integration in routine clinical practice for treatment care planning, clinical trial screening, symptom management, care coordination and referrals, and survivorship care.

Powered by real-world patient experience data, we are reshaping cancer care delivery.

Oncology Practices

Carevive’s suite of patient engagement and clinical cancer care management technologies features risk stratification and proactive symptom assessment and management tools. Oncology practices use Carevive’s cancer care management tools to mitigate cancer treatment-related symptoms and to reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

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Life Sciences

Life science researchers are partnering with us and our provider networks to identify unmet medical needs and the burden of illness in populations relevant to their commercial and drug development pipeline, and identify risk stratification and symptom management best practices that translates into extended patient time on treatment.

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Measuring the financial impact of a survivorship cancer care program.

Providing a comprehensive survivorship care program requires a mix of people, process, and technology. Estimating a return on investment for survivorship cancer care technology has historically been challenging. We teamed up with experts and our customers to crack the code with our revenue estimator.

Fill in a few data points and learn how Carevive survivorship can make a financial impact in your cancer center!

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My clinicians and navigators tell me: I now actually have time to be with my patients! Instead of spending 90 minutes in paperwork I’m now doing what I do best - assessing and educating my patient on what is important. I have complete confidence in the Carevive content – it’s tailored and so easy to manipulate that now care plans are a 10 minute job, rather than 90 minutes that takes me away from patient care!

Peg O'Grady, RN, MSN, OCN, FAAMAdministrative Director Oncology Service Line, Abington- Jefferson Health System

The Carevive system helps identify problems and issues that patients don’t tell me otherwise. This allows me to direct the encounter to patient needs and goals of care in a way I am not typically able.

Dr. Randall GibbGynecologic Oncologist, Billings, Montana

We are delivering invaluable care plans to patients, transforming our navigation workflows, and achieving positive returns in the OCM. And Carevive is an integral part of it all.

Austin Cadden, MBA, MPHSr. Manager of Cancer Control & Prevention, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute

Carevive allowed us to develop materials that the cancer center has wanted to make, letting us move up from paper and pencil bio-psychosocial screening to automated electronic screening.

Elizabeth Weinstein, MD, MSMedical Director, Supportive Oncology

I can’t say enough about the Carevive Care Planning System. With all the issues cancer patients can have, there’s only so much time one has in a day. Carevive helps me ‘cut to the chase’ and highlight top issues, and then provide patients with resources and referrals.

Dr. Susan Minton, DOBreast Medical Oncologist, Moffitt Cancer Center

We work with world-renowned cancer experts to develop and test our technologies.

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