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Health Catalyst Acquires Oncology-Focused Health Technology Company Carevive


Carevive Poster Presentations at #ISPOR2024


Blue Spark Technologies joins Carevive at #ONSCongress2024


Carevive Partners with Canopy Cancer Collective to Provide Exceptional Outcomes

Carevive Joins CAMC at #AONNAnnual23


A compilation of Carevive data and findings that was presented at major meetings including ISPOR, ASCO, AONN and ASH.

Carevive builds technologies that have been shown in clinical trials to improve the treatment experience of patients with cancer and survival outcomes while lowering costs.

(Barbera et al., 2020; Basch et al., 2016; Girgis et al., 2020; Howell et al., 2020)

A growing network of oncology providers, their patients, and life science researchers use Carevive with bi-directional EHR integration in routine clinical practice for treatment care planning, clinical trial screening, symptom management, care coordination and referrals, and survivorship care.

What we do, explained. 

This short video illustrates how our novel technology helps cancer centers and patients.

Oncology Practices

Oncology Practices_Carevive’s suite of patient engagement and clinical cancer care management technologies feature cancer care management tools that have been shown in clinical trials to mitigate cancer treatment-related symptoms and to reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

(Barbera et al., 2020; Basch et al., 2016; Girgis et al., 2020; Howell et al., 2020)

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Life Sciences

Gain access to the largest real-world cancer patient experience database via Carevive OPT-IN®.

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PROactive cancer care management

Carevive’s platform is centered on our proprietary Clinical Intelligence System, an algorithm-based engine that combines EHR data, evidence-based guidelines and patient-reported outcomes (PROs) into one solution.

This combined data is processed to power our cancer care management and patient engagement solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce avoidable care utilization and increase revenue.

  • Enhance patient outcomes

    • Improve overall patient survival and quality of life
    • Boost patient satisfaction
    • Increase patient engagement
  • Reduce costs

    • Decrease unnecessary ED visits/hospitalizations
    • Identify and effectively manage high-risk patients
    • Use clinicians’ time more efficiently
  • Optimize revenue

    • Improve value-based contract reimbursement
    • Decrease patient leakage
    • Increase patient referrals

Health systems partners

Providing cancer care demands extraordinary expertise and coordination to provide the best possible outcomes for each patient. Carevive’s integrated platform will help Banner Health’s care team provide our cancer patients with highly personalized care plans. We can’t wait to roll this out to our patients, they deserve it.

Sandra Kurtin, PhD, ANP-C, AOCNDirector Advanced Practice and Clinical Integration -University of Arizona Cancer Center

The education and resources Carevive provide, along with continued care coordination with the patient’s primary care physician to facilitate preventative screening measures, will improve quality of care and patient outcomes

Carrie Wines-RN, BSN, ONN-CGSurvivorship Care Coordinator - Charleston Area Medical Center

Billings Clinic is thrilled to have the Carevive platform integrated into our systems, and virtual implementation was practically seamless. The pandemic is heightening the fear and uncertainty patients with cancer experience.

Jeannine M. Brant, PhD, APRN-CNS, AOCN, FAANBillings Clinic

Monitoring patient symptoms and keeping patients on active treatment is an important step in improving clinical outcomes. The integrated Cerner and Carevive technologies will enable our providers and patients to stay connected across our extensive oncology service area.

Rhonda GradwohlCancer Center Director, Billings Clinic

My clinicians and navigators tell me: I now actually have time to be with my patients! Instead of spending 90 minutes in paperwork I’m now doing what I do best - assessing and educating my patient on what is important. I have complete confidence in the Carevive content – it’s tailored and so easy to manipulate that now care plans are a 10 minute job, rather than 90 minutes that takes me away from patient care!

Peg O'Grady, RN, MSN, OCN, FAAMAdministrative Director Oncology Service Line, Abington- Jefferson Health System

As a researcher who has spent many years studying technologies that improve outcomes by engaging patients, it is gratifying to see Carevive help practices enhance care delivery processes to improve the patient experience.

Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, FASCOUNC-Chapel Hill Director, Scientific Advisory Board

We are excited to use Carevive’s technology to evaluate patient symptoms and provide real-time management and care coordination seamlessly within our EMR

Gabrielle Rocque, MDUniversity of Alabama Birmingham

The distress and symptom management dashboard gives us a clear and definable way of monitoring a patient’s progress and their quality of life.

Diane Baldwin, RN, OCN, CBCNUSA Mitchell Cancer Institute

Carevive allowed us to develop materials that the cancer center has wanted to make, letting us move up from paper and pencil bio-psychosocial screening to automated electronic screening.

Elizabeth Weinstein, MD, MSMedical Director, Supportive Oncology

I can’t say enough about the Carevive Care Planning System. With all the issues cancer patients can have, there’s only so much time one has in a day. Carevive helps me ‘cut to the chase’ and highlight top issues, and then provide patients with resources and referrals.

Dr. Susan Minton, DOBreast Medical Oncologist, Moffitt Cancer Center

We work with world-renowned cancer experts to develop and test our technologies.

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