improving the clinical outcomes and well-being of cancer patients.

carevive /kair'vīv/


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A Better Future
for Cancer Care.

Carevive provides personalized and dynamic cancer care plans for patients that improve clinical outcomes and enable oncology practices to operate in emerging value-based models.

Our care plans continuously update to provide ongoing guidance to patients based on their experiences throughout the journey. This process allows us to collect longitudinal Real-World Evidence (RWE) on the cancer patient experience that will drive better care delivery and oncolytic drug use and future development.


Our Mission:
Bend the curves in cancer care

Our mission is to bend the cancer curves – to improve patient overall survival and quality of life, and decrease costs. Our care planning technologies are built in collaboration with over 1,000 clinical experts, who, to date, have incorporated the guidelines of 25 professional oncology societies. They are the leaders in cancer care and the value-based movement, and like our customers, need smarter navigation, risk stratification, care planning, and palliative care solutions to stay more closely connected with their patients and provide better quality care at lower costs.

Collectively, our expert faculty and our customers believe our interactive care plans improve communication, adherence, outcomes and patient engagement, as well as reduce unnecessary hospitalization, suffering and cost.

Bend the curves in cancer care

We work with approximately 1,000 oncology experts across the United States to develop our technologies,
maintain our content, and to perform research using the Carevive platform.

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