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Introducing Carevive

Carevive is a health technology company that builds cancer care management tools.

Simply put, we work for the day when all cancer patients receive the best care possible, aligned with their goals and driven by insights gained from the real-world experiences of cancer patients.

Through our breakthrough cancer care management platform all participants in the oncology ecosystem have access to the insights they need to improve the quality of patient care and advance cancer science.

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Bending the curves in cancer care - Carevive

Improve quality of life, patient satisfaction, clinical and financial outcomes with Carevive.

Carevive addresses current challenges in cancer care delivery.

Treatment Planning

Maximize outcomes by selecting treatment based on patient goals & risks

Shared Decision-Making – Elicit patient treatment preferences based on clinical evidence and goals of care.

Geriatric Assessment – Select appropriate therapies and monitor risk for older adults, incorporating our electronic GA assessment & fit/frailty score into your plans.

Treatment Plan – Provide each patient with a personalized plan upon diagnosis outlining his or her care team, treatments, goals, cost of care and potential side effects to monitor and report.

Symptom Management

Reduce ER visits, hospitalizations & 30-day readmissions

ePRO System – Effectively monitor patient symptoms based on their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Triage Protocols – Provide relevant triage content for clinicians to manage patient-reported symptoms.

Symptom Management Plan – Improve multi-disciplinary care management of symptoms and patient guidance for self-care.

Survivorship Care Planning

Retain patients, improve referrals & meet accreditation requirements

Deliver a personalized, evidence-based survivorship care plan.

Create an abbreviated plan for your patient’s primary care provider to coordinate post-acute care.

Carevive Systems - Improving the clinical outcomes and well-being of cancer patients.

Continuously improve your clinical practice by understanding your patients’ real-world experiences.

Carevive continuously enhances a data registry of real-world evidence, including disease-specific, patient-reported, and clinical data across the care continuum.

We source data from electronic health records, cancer registries, claims data, and patient-reported data via our platform.

We interface or integrate with your EHR.

Carevive technologies are cloud-based and can interface or integrate with enterprise EHRs. We embed our patient-reported outcomes and cancer care planning system into clinical workflow so that the patient is at the center of the oncology care process.

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Carevive can interface and integrate with your EHR.

We work with approximately 1,000 oncology experts across the United States to develop our technologies,
maintain our content, and to perform research using the Carevive platform.

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