improving the clinical outcomes and well-being of cancer patients.

carevive /kair'vīv/

A Better Future
for Cancer Care.


Carevive Systems is a technology and services company. We build workflow and patient engagement tools in collaboration with thousands of clinical and health service research experts to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs.  Validated, best-practice, patient-centered care delivery models and intelligence from our proprietary data drives design and continuous refinement of our tools.

Our implementation and customer success teams work hand-in-hand with you to continuously improve care and achieve desired clinical and financial outcomes. Our end goal is to improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of cancer patients.


Our Mission:
Bend the curves in cancer care


Carevive’s tools provide nationally-recognized clinical guidelines, a robust evidence-based content library, and emphasize the integration of person-centered care and outcomes. By incorporating patient values, goals, preferences into decision-making throughout the cancer care continuum we can make strides in achieving cost-effective care.

Bend the curves in cancer care

We work with approximately 1,000 oncology experts across the United States to develop our technologies,
maintain our content, and to perform research using the Carevive platform.

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