Patient-centered cancer care matters.

We bring the voice of the cancer patient – their values, preferences and experiences – into the care planning process to improve survival and quality of life.

Improve outcomes with comprehensive patient care plans.

Carevive’s expertise is clinically integrating electronic patient-reported and clinical data with scientific evidence into a care planning process that improves clinical outcomes.

We collaborate with our health system clients to facilitate shared decision-making and to support both clinicians and patients to prevent and manage symptoms and other effects of cancer, both during active treatment and during survivorship and palliative care.

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Bending the curves in cancer care - Carevive

Gain insights to cancer patient real-world experiences.

The cancer journey remains elusive to us all. With our provider organizations clients, we are building an invaluable real-world experience registry of cancer patients. This registry is used to continuously refine our offering, provide insights to our clinician clients to improve patient care, and inform life science and other cancer stakeholder organizations.

Our Solutions


Comply and excel under the Oncology Care Model and other performance-based reimbursement plans. 

  • Automates the creation of patient-specific treatment and survivorship care plans required for oncology accreditation and value-based reimbursement programs

  • Electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) customized by disease and/or treatment phase

  • Clinician dashboards that illustrate PRO and clinical data, and relevant evidenced-based guidelines to facilitate improved provider/patient communication and shared decision-making

  • Generates evidenced-based, patient-specific care plans


Efficiently deliver personalized care plans that enhance the performance of the practice and meet the C0C Accreditation requirements.

  • Generates evidenced-based, patient-specific care plans

  • Automates the creation of a primary care provider plan which assigns accountability for care during the survivorship period

  • Embeds cancer program service line referrals into care plans to keep patients in your network following active treatment

  • Integrates our ePRO and care planning systems for distress screening and management

We interface or integrate with your EHR.

Carevive technologies are cloud-based and can interface or integrate with enterprise EHRs. We embed our patient-reported outcomes and cancer care planning system into clinical workflow so that the patient is at the center of the oncology care process.

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Carevive can interface and integrate with your EHR.

We work with approximately 1,000 oncology experts across the United States to develop our technologies,
maintain our content, and to perform research using the Carevive platform.

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