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Carevive Partners with Canopy Cancer Collective to Provide Exceptional Outcomes

By April 2, 2024No Comments
Carevive and Canopy cancer Collective

N. Miami, FL and Scotts Valley, CA (Canopy Cancer Collective) – April 2024- Carevive Systems (“Carevive”) the leading oncology-focused health technology company centered on understanding and improving the experience of patients with cancer, has partnered with the Canopy Cancer Collective. Canopy Cancer Collective is dedicated to improving outcomes in pancreatic cancer by collaborating with leading healthcare systems to continuously improve the quality and person-centeredness of care delivered by interdisciplinary teams across the patient’s journey with pancreatic cancer. The partnership aims to provide a better experience to patients with cancer by leveraging the expertise of both organizations. Carevive Systems’ innovative approach to cancer care, coupled with Canopy Cancer Collective’s extensive network of healthcare systems, is expected to result in a more streamlined treatment and care navigation process that provides patients with the best possible care.

“All of us at Carevive are beyond excited to partner with Canopy Cancer Collective. Together, we have the power to enhance the experience of patients affected by pancreatic cancer, to improve outcomes and lower costs,” said Bruno Lempernesse, Carevive’s Chief Executive Officer.

Carevive’s patient-centric platform enables clinicians to support and monitor their patients’ experiences throughout their care journey. Starting from treatment planning, through active treatment monitoring and survivorship care planning, the platform engages patients in care planning and adherence to their treatment plan while capturing symptoms and responses to validate patient-reported outcome surveys (PROs).

“As Chief Medical Officer of the Canopy Cancer Collective, I am excited about this partnership that enables Canopy members to leverage Carevive’s technology and services to support the delivery of care grounded in the patient voice,” stated Dr. Joseph Herman, MD, MSc, MHCM. “Carevive is unique in that it provides a bridge between the patient and their care team that is grounded in the patient’s voice and goals. For the care team, Carevive saves time and helps providers prioritize which patients need attention throughout their trajectory. This bridge ultimately improves the quality of care for our patients and helps us (providers and care teams) focus our energy where it should be.”

About Carevive Systems

Carevive Systems, Inc. founded in 2013, is an oncology-focused health technology company centered on understanding and improving the experience of patients with cancer. Our platform enables clinicians to monitor and manage their patients remotely, which improves clinical outcomes and patient quality of life. The use of Carevive in the clinic unlocks critical data on the real-world experience of patients with cancer, to continuously improve patient care today and advance cancer drug development. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Canopy Cancer Collective

Canopy Cancer Collective works with leading healthcare systems to promote comprehensive, coordinated care across the entire pancreatic cancer care journey, preventing patients and their families from getting lost in the system. Supported by the infrastructure and resources of the Canopy Cancer Collective, participating cancer centers collaborate to share data and best practices to accelerate improvements in care delivery and outcomes in pancreatic cancer. Canopy also supports care team wellness by working to help ensure that the entire team – doctors, nurses, advanced practitioners, supportive care providers, and wellness specialists, are operating at the top of their license and skill.