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patient-reported outcomes


PROs 101: What practices need to consider if implementing digital symptom monitoring with patient-reported outcomes in routine cancer care for the first time

Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated benefits of symptom monitoring using patient-reported outcomes during systemic cancer therapy. This care enhancement generally includes software that prompts patients to self-report their symptoms on a regular basis via a survey, using a computer or connected device (e.g., weekly). Severe or worsening symptoms trigger alert notifications to the care team to react and manage concerning…
Ethan Basch, MD, MSc
August 3, 2022

Podcast #12: Carevive at ONS Congress 2022

The ONS Congress brings together various skillsets and inspires innovation in new ways. With the first in-person Congress since the pandemic set to begin on April 27th, there is much to look forward to. John Elliott, VP of Sales with Carevive brings together his work colleagues to share their excitement for the Congress and what they think might come f
May 16, 2022

Podcast #9: Understanding the True Meaning of Data and Workflow Integration

If there was ever a moment for healthcare organizations to assess their EMR systems’ ability to handle data and workflow integration properly, that time is now. Oncology and Technology welcomed back Carvive’s Director of Product Management, SarahLena Keckler, to lend her expertise and insights on the topic. “The more technology becomes a part of our lives, and of our healthcare,…
December 2, 2021