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Podcast #10: Carevive at ViVE 2022 – What’s Transforming Healthcare?

By March 16, 2022No Comments
Carevive at ViVE 2022: What’s Transforming Healthcare?

Carevive Vice President of Sales John Elliott joined host David Kemp to discuss how trade shows have provided the oncology and wider healthcare industry with value and started the year off on the right foot in 2022. “You’ve got providers, you’ve got med device, you have digital health solutions,” stated Elliott about the scope of ViVE 2022.

One bold trend Elliott has noticed at trade shows is the patient-centered shift. “I think it puts more emphasis on the patient. I think that’s been a big theme across Vive this week,” he told Kemp. Elliott noted that all aspects of health care, including consumerism, precision medicine, and where data is coming from, feedback to the patient.

Elliott noted one example from the recent ACCC Business Summit. Representatives from The University of Texas Dell Medical School discussed their Cancer Care Reimagined model, which focuses on the whole persona and surrounding and supporting with appropriate care.

That patient-centered focus has bled into telehealth, too. Elliott explained that Amwell’s CEO made a comment on “making telehealth be more about where, but how you’re engaging the patient.” The patient-clinician interaction is less transactional and more continuous, focusing more into what happens to the patient between visits and what is going on in the background of telehealth visits.

How can the whole ecosystem come together and collaborate? “A lot of it is driven by the policy components, there’s reimbursement components, you know, interoperability started way back with making things digital,” said Elliott. There is an abundance of data, so the next phase is working through what to do with it in terms of learning, applying the trends, and reducing costs.