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Podcast #18: Applying Oncology Expertise at Scale Part 5 with Nadia Still

By December 14, 2022No Comments
Oncology and Technology – Applying Oncology Expertise at Scale Part 5 with Nadia Still


Information plays a crucial role for many oncology professionals out there – treatment care planning, clinical trial screening, and more. However, implementing nursing informatics comes with a fair set of changes, especially when it comes to driving adoption. Combined data is a powerful tool for medical professionals to act swiftly to different measures, but in the grand scheme of things, is cost-effective and enhances patient outcomes.

On this episode of Oncology and Technology, host Tyler Kern talks to VP of Client Success for Carevive, Dr. Nadia Still. Dr. Still offers her insights into what client success looks like at Carevive, and the basis for Carevive as a platform that moves theoretical learnings out of research and into everyday medical practices.

This episode features:

  • Carevive as a platform that drives medical implementation science from theoretical learnings to best practices.
  • Dr. Still explains her role as the VP of Client Success for Carevive and what made her team the right fit for the company.
  • Building relationships with clients, understanding project objectives, and defining KPI’s

“The most important thing is to not only understand the goals, but how we’ll measure our success and our progress towards those goals. That really is truly a key indicator of if we’re on target or if we need to make adjustments,” Dr. Still said.
Dr. Still is a Doctor of Nursing Practices by trade and manages accounts for senior-level clients and partners within the medical industry. She earned her BSN from Widener University and MSN from Rutgers University. Dr. Still earned her DNP from Thomas Jefferson University.