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Carevive to Present and Exhibit at ISPOR 2022

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Carevive at ISPOR 2022

Carevive is excited to present and exhibit at ISPOR 2022 on May 15–18, 2022.  The theme for this year will be a “green thread” that is woven throughout the sessions to bring a fresh and holistic view into the future of HEOR in patient-driven digital healthcare systems.


The last two years have seen a rapid rise of real-time solutions, digital healthcare interactions and an accelerated expansion of mobile healthcare. As digital systems mature and incorporate a broader array of patient-reported outcomes and preference measures, the trajectory of adoption of new services will be influenced by better information on how they are affecting patients’ lives. Such as:

  • Real-time data on utilization and outcomes of new treatments should enable more rapid technology assessment that adapts health services to evolving disease situations and patient needs.
  • The coordination of patient-driven data and AI-based algorithms could lead to better personalization of treatment strategies while improving equitable access to healthcare.

At the same time, concerns about privacy, equity, bias, diminished opportunities for personal interactions between patients and healthcare professionals have risen on the healthcare system challenges agenda. Taking advantage of the current unique times that promote experimenting with platforms, writing new rules, and changing business and organizational approaches while rapidly adapting to new realities, ISPOR 2022 will encourage open discussion of the challenges and opportunities of the emerging patient-driven healthcare system and HEOR’s role in shaping its development.

Poster Session May 16 | 12:15 – 1:15 pm ET

Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes and Perceptions to Incorporate Real-World Patient Perspective in Oncology Treatment


Carevive collects data on patient perspectives such as quality of life preferences, perceptions of curability and treatment concerns of patient receiving routine cancer care. Patients with solid tumors (breast, lung, or ovarian cancer) and hematologic malignancies (acute myeloid leukemia or multiple myeloma) were compared. Those with hematologic malignancies were significantly more concerned about understanding treatment options and making the right decisions than those with solid tumors.

Poster Session May 17 | 12:15 – 1:15 pm ET

Initial Real-world Hospitalization, Emergency Room Utilization and Dose Modification in Treated Oncology Patients using Remote Care Planning and Symptom Management


Carevive researchers enrolled patients receiving cancer treatment in the Carevive Remote Symptom Management program, using PROmpt®, the mobile symptom reporting platform. In a comparison with controls, gynecological patients had more dose reductions after geriatric assessment at baseline and subsequently less hospitalizations throughout treatment. Active care planning and symptom management has the potential to decrease health resource utilization.

On Demand Podium Presentation | May 10, 2022 2pm – 2:15pm ET

Predictors of Symptom Worsening or Improvement using Remote Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Technology


Carevive is using SMART DATA to identify symptom patterns and predictors leading to an automated alert of severe symptoms and symptom resolution after the alert. Using PROmpt®, a remote symptom reporting platform, patients receiving cancer treatment report symptom presence and severity weekly. Analyses of these data revealed three subgroups of patterns of symptom change with age being a significant predictor of symptom worsening. Results may be used to identify at risk patients who will benefit from intervention at less severe reports of symptoms.

Debbie Wujcik, PhD


This must-attend event welcomes all healthcare stakeholders and is directly relevant to researchers and academicians, assessors and regulators, payers and policy makers, the life sciences industry, healthcare providers, and patient engagement organizations. This global scientific event will cover key HEOR topics


Read the full agenda here.