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In November, Carevive hosted a webinar titled “The Virtual Open House: Carevive Distress/Symptom Management and Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes Platform v2.0 Pre-Release” where we showcased the new version distress screening, symptom management, and electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) platforms.  Our co-founders Madelyn Herzfeld and Carrie Stricker gave an overview of the company and a demo of our software.  We also invited a panel consisting of current Carevive survivorship customers to share their experiences and how they implemented our tool in their cancer centers.

Below are frequently answered questions that were compiled from the webinar registrants and attendees. .

Are the Carevive platforms available in Spanish?

Carevive Systems content is not currently available in Spanish – but this enhancement is on our roadmap for 2016.

What is the average price of the program?

Price varies based on the number of sites in your integrated delivery network. There is a yearly licensing fee and a one-time set up fee for implementation and integration in year one.

Clarification needed. The information flows to a cloud based platform, and then provider would have to login to another program. Is this correct?

Depending on how your system is set up, you can login into your EMR to access Carevive or login to Carevive direclty from the web.

Will your program integrate with Meditech, Cerner, McKesson, OncoEMR? 

We are EMR agnostic, meaning we can integrate with all systems. And we work closely with your IT Team to make it an easy process.

Does your tool increase the use the EMR’s patient portal?

Yes. Patients can access our care plans through your enterprise EMR’s patient portal which will increase portal usage because the information is valuable to patients.

Please describe the process for tailoring local resources within the platform. Any interesting data trends from the panel?

Our engagement team will work with you to configure your cancer center’s services and programming during the implementation process. We load our platform with nationally recommended resources that you can use or replace with your own resources.

Does Carevive have existing HL7 experience with Oncology specific EMR’s? I have seen several companies who offer products like yours, but very few have actually interfaced the data back into the practice EMR.

We leverage HL7 scheduling and transcription messages to onboard patients into our platform and to store care plans in your EMR. We work with a third-party integrator who can facilitate bi-directional integration. And we work closely with your IT Team to make it an easy process.

Automatic care plan from their questionnaire answers? Is rules-based result vetted by a MD before sending out?

A clinician staff member will review and finalize the draft care plan that the Carevive system generates. Depending on your workflow, a staff member will review the care plan before giving it to the patient.

Are the NCCN Treatment Guidelines integrated?

Yes, along with ASCO and 25 tumor and symptom specific society guidelines.

Is the provider approving the snapshot from within Carevive, or from their own EMR?

In the cloud typically but we can discuss tighter integration with EMR if preferred.

Wow! Exciting. All tumor sites. Survivorship guidelines, also?

For survivorship 70% tumor type coverage by 2016.  Yes, very exciting! Want a personalized tour of our platforms?  Click here to request a demo.

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