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Virtual Open House – Live Webinar Carevive Treatment Planning Platform v2.0 Pre-Release

Our last Virtual Open House of the year will showcase our treatment planning software. We will show you a live demo and provide insights on how actual practices, hospitals, clinical teams are using our treatment planning solutions. Our tool is the 1st rules engine technology to auto-populate the 13 elements of the IOM care management plan required for OCM. Thursday,…
December 11, 2015
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Distress Screening, Symptom Management, & ePRO Virtual Open House Webinar FAQs Answered

In November, Carevive hosted a webinar titled "The Virtual Open House: Carevive Distress/Symptom Management and Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes Platform v2.0 Pre-Release" where we showcased the new version distress screening, symptom management, and electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) platforms.  Our co-founders Madelyn Herzfeld and Carrie Stricker gave an overview of the company and a demo of our software.  We also invited a panel consisting of current Carevive…
December 3, 2015