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Patient Engagement in Value-Based Care: Real-World Case Studies Using Shared-Decision Making and ePROs

Patient Engagement in Value-Based Care: Real-World Case Studies Using Shared-Decision Making and ePROs

The ACCC 44th Annual Meeting and Cancer Center Business Summit closes with the topic of greatest importance –  the cancer patient – whose voice is easily lost amidst scientific abstraction and administrative burdens.

Carevive’s  Dr. Carrie Stricker will lead an expert panel that will share perspectives on a collaborative research initiative—designed to advance the science of patient engagement—using shared-decision making to align clinician and patient understanding of care goals, while systematically enabling electronic capture of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) and solicitation of patient values, preferences, and care goals. Collaborative partners will provide perspective on their organization’s objective for participating in the research, as well as key call-outs relating to future scaling needs and implications for translational research moving forward.

The session will conclude with a discussion on how the incorporation of shared-decision making tools and the in-practice collection of patient-reported outcomes offer the promise of garnering meaningful data at scale, to inform care delivery, reimbursement, and drug discovery.


  • Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, Director, Cancer Outcomes Research Program; Professor, Medicine and Public Health, UNC-Chapel Hill Cancer Prevention and Control
  • Nancy Lutz Paynter, MBA, CHCP, Director of Learning & Clinical Integration, Medical Affairs, Genentech
  • Brad Bott, MBA, CCRP, Director, Oncology Clinical Program, Intermountain Healthcare

Patient Engagement in Value-Based Care: Real-World Case Studies Using Shared-Decision Making and ePROsDramatic changes in reimbursement, technology, and the marketplace are just a few of the significant challenges facing oncology today. To thrive—and not just survive—innovative solutions will be needed to better coordinate care, contain costs, and operate more efficiently.

The ACCC 44th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit will bring key oncology stakeholders together with business, finance, and policy thought leaders to explore the future of cancer care.

Inspiring speakers and interactive programming offer a roadmap to the issues, trials, and opportunities in this uncharted healthcare landscape.  We look forward to seeing you there!


March 14-16, 2018

The ACCC 44th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit will offer transformational education, compelling speakers, and valuable networking opportunities for business leaders, healthcare executives, and cancer care providers who strive to stay ahead of the curve in today’s evolving healthcare environment.

The oncology landscape continues its dramatic evolution, requiring new skills, cutting-edge technologies, and personalized services to achieve excellence and grow market share. Annual Meeting sessions will be divided into four tracks—Business, Quality, Technology, and Policy—to address these challenges and provide strategic insight, hands-on resources, and diverse perspectives on the most critical issues facing oncology providers today.


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