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Enhancing ePRO Records for Seamless Care Continuity

By November 8, 2023November 13th, 2023No Comments
Enhancing ePRO Records for Seamless Care Continuity

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the fusion of technology and clinical expertise has paved the way for more comprehensive and patient-centric approaches to care. Carevive, a pioneer in this field, has recently unveiled an enhancement to its electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) records. This development will bridge gaps in healthcare, by supporting the unambiguous flow of crucial information between patients and their healthcare providers.

The purpose of ePRO records is to capture and catalog patient-reported data regarding their health status, symptoms, and quality of life. Carevive’s ePRO records have been designed to facilitate the sharing of these critical insights, promoting care continuity.

Recognizing that healthcare is a complex tapestry woven together by various specialists, Carevive’s latest enhancement enables ePRO records to be comprehensible to healthcare professionals from diverse specialties. This feature is a significant step toward erasing the lines that sometimes separate different facets of patient care, making it easier for providers to collaborate and make informed decisions.

The Carevive PROmpt® account plays a pivotal role in this enhanced system. Patients, who are often the primary source of vital health data, can now easily share the information they have documented. With a simple request, patients can access their ePRO records through their Carevive PROmpt® account and provide a copy to their trusted healthcare providers and caregivers. This means that the valuable insights that patients originally recorded can be effortlessly conveyed to their care team, ensuring that no essential detail is overlooked.

Quality of LifeThis enhancement represents a clear advance in patient-centered care, enabling healthcare providers to understand the patient’s experience comprehensively and, in turn, provide tailored care. It simplifies the sharing of vital health information, promoting collaborative decision-making, and ultimately leading to more effective care.

As healthcare continues to evolve, Carevive’s commitment to enhancing ePRO records is a testament to its dedication to improving patient outcomes and the quality of care. By knitting together technology and clinical expertise, Carevive is contributing to a future of healthcare that is not only more efficient but, more importantly, more human-centric, prioritizing the patient’s voice and experience.

April Boyd, RN, BSN, OCN
April Boyd, RN, BSN, OCN is an Oncology Certified Nurse with 17+ years of experience. She drives innovative clinical product development at Carevive and has led cancer quality programs, process improvement projects, outpatient care teams, and clinical research efforts. She is active in her local oncology nursing chapter and passionate about the equity and efficiency that technology can bring to us.