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ISPOR 2022 Podium Presentation

Predictors of Symptom Worsening or Improvement using Remote Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Technology Carevive is using SMART DATA to identify symptom patterns and predictors leading to an automated alert of severe symptoms and symptom resolution after the alert. Using PROmpt®, a remote symptom reporting platform, patients receiving cancer treatment report symptom presence and severity weekly. Analyses of these data revealed…
January 11, 2023

Patient-Reported Symptom Burden in Women Undergoing Treatment for Early-Stage and Metastatic Breast Cancer

Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer experience both disease- and treatment-related symptoms. Remote symptom management (RSM) programs allow real-time symptom documentation, earlier intervention, and opportunities to improve quality of life and decrease symptom burden. Prior studies have focused on the supportive care needs of women with advanced breast cancer.
December 9, 2022