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Using Technology to Improve Patient-Provider Communication and Delivery of Quality Care

Gabrielle Rocque, MD1; Amanda Hathaway, MD1; Karina I Halilova, MD, MPH1; Michele Gaguski, MSN, RN, AOCN, CHPN, APN2; Kathryn A. Thomas, BSN, RN, OCN, CCRP2; Carrie T Stricker, PhD, NP3; Karen J Hammelef, DNP, RN3; Sarahlena L Panzer, BS3; Paul Jacobsen, PhD4; Joanne Buzaglo, PhD5; Douglas W. Blayney, MD6

1University of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, AL); 2Atlanticare Cancer Care Institute (Egg Harbor Township, NJ); 3Carevive Systems Inc.(Miami,FL);4Moffitt Cancer Center(Tampa,FL);5Cancer Support Community Research & Training Institute Philadelphia,PA);6Stanford University School of Medicine (Stanford, CA)


  • Shared decision making (SDM) is a cornerstone of patient-centered care with 85-90% of breast cancer (BC) patients preferring an active or shared role in decision-making for breast surgery
  • SDM has been shown to improve patients’ understanding of treatment options, result in more conservative care choices, and lead to lower healthcare costs


We are conducting a quality improvement (QI) project to improve SDM behaviors and adherence to quality measures through a combination of provider education and use of a novel technology platform, the Carevive Care Planning System (CPS). This platform elicits patient preferences, concerns, history, and symptoms, and presents these data with algorithm-driven recommendations as part of a treatment plan. We report results from baseline provider surveys assessing perception and knowledge of SDM.


Physicians may underestimate patient’s desire to participate in shared decision-making. The barriers to implementing SDM in oncology practice will likely require multi-faceted interventions to overcome. We aim to address these gaps through an intervention focused on enhancing knowledge and patient-provider engagement through treatment summaries.


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