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Implementation of Survivorship Care in Network Hospital Setting

Implementation of Survivorship Care in Network Hospital Setting

Andrew Salner, MD1; Ellen Dornelas, PhD1; Deborah Walker, APRN1; Amanda Katzman, LMSW1; SarahLena Panzer, BS2; Carrie Stricker, PhD, RN2

1Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute (Hartford, CT); 2Carevive Systems, Inc. (Miami, FL)


Delivering survivorship care in a network hospital setting can be challenging, since, delivery of care requires standardization across diverse settings, yet simultaneously allows for flexibility to tailor each program to meet the specific needs of the patient population.


LEAN methodology used to support a single standard across all cancer centers.

Hartford Healthcare Institute began implementation of the Carevive Survivorship Care Program in five neighboring hospitals in 2014. The survivorship care plan and treatment summary are provided by the patient’s medical oncologist, a nurse practitioner or nurse navigator and populated using registry data, evidence based care planning strategies residing in Carevive, then finalized by the local site clinician. Advocates from each hospitals registry and survivorship program participated in planning, pilot testing and program implementation and dissemination of knowledge to local site stakeholders.


Implementation across a network requires an effective communication dissemination plan that engages all stakeholders. It might overwhelm network hospital resources to deliver survivorship care plans and treatment summaries for eligible patients across all diagnoses without automation of the process and maintenance of content by an outside vendor. As Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute moves to a single electronic health record, the survivorship care plan document will become a true living document that is updated in real time and easily accessible through a patient portal.

Implementation of Survivorship Care in Network Hospital Setting

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