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Shireesh Bate

Sr. Director, Product Development


Hours spent playing guitar


Years: Dedicated to Healthcare IT


Lines of code managed


Cups of coffee drunk to fuel coding

Random things about me…

  • I have worked with my team for 19 years contiguously
  • I have been a dad for 16 years
  • I love to read presidential biographies and history books


Shireesh Bhate serves as Senior Director of Product Development at Carevive. Shireesh has 25 years of experience in healthcare IT. At Carevive, Shireesh oversees all aspects of solution engineering. Additionally, he acts as the SCRUM Master in Carevive’s implementation of Agile/SCRUM. Prior to Carevive, Shireesh was Chief Architect at SigmaCare, a provider of a SaaS solution for the Long Term/Post-Acute Care (LT-PAC) market.
Shireesh specializes in transforming product engineering groups to unleash their potential by embracing Agile/SCRUM and Domain Driven Design approaches to the software development life cycle. Additionally, Shireesh possesses extensive experience in leveraging automated testing techniques to accelerate value delivery without sacrificing quality. Shireesh received a Bachelors degree (magna cum laude) in Biology from the University of Delaware.

Why I Joined Carevive

My original career path was to become a physician.  After graduating from college, I worked at a software company that created a practice management system for physicians, using the programming skills I developed from a childhood love of computers.  I was soon hooked on the challenges that the healthcare IT market provides and abandoned my medical school plans. 

In 1999, I embraced the opportunity to deliver one of the first internet-based, SaaS practice management software systems, CareWide.  This opportunity taught me the value of small, highly motivated teams and their use of Agile methodologies.   

Like too many of us, cancer has affected my life in many ways.  In 2017, shortly after losing my father to pancreatic cancer, I was offered an opportunity to join the Carevive team.  After reviewing the product, meeting the team, and hearing the vision for the company, I knew that I needed to be part of the team.   Carevive’s products transform the way cancer care is delivered, both for patients and care providers.   

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