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Reesa Sherin

Clinical Strategist


B.S. Degrees Nursing and Public Health


Days: Length of my amazing European trip


Spinning or yoga classes every week to refresh my mind


Number of cousins on average at family events

Random things about me…

  • I have lived in the Philadelphia area my entire life, and it is the best place to grow up. (Not that I am biased!)
  • I have a very large salad every weeknight for dinner. The many colors of vegetables and fruits make me smile.
  • My favorite time of the week is early Saturday morning, right after my first sip of coffee.
  • I still keep a hand-written personal calendar—crossing off tasks and days gives me a sense of accomplishment.
  • My personal motto is “She believed she could, so she did.”


Reesa Sherin is a masters prepared Registered Nurse with a focus in informatics. Reesa began her studies with a B.S. in Public Health from Temple University. During this time, Reesa participated in clinical research through the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia focused on the health of children to decrease the risk of obesity. She continued her education with both a BSN and MSN through Thomas Jefferson University with a concentration in informatics. Her capstone project was focused on the education of the healthcare provider through technology in caring for the end of life patient.

Reesa’s nursing career began with caring for the oncology pediatric patients of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. She then went on to explore work as a Care Manager at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It was there that she honed her skills in caring for the oncology patient’s needs both while in the oncology clinic and at home. Reesa led her team in implementing the patient comprehensive care plan throughout the institution and ensured successful go-lives within the initiation of a survivorship care model.

Why I Joined Carevive

I was drawn to Carevive after learning of the company mission. As the daughter of a cancer survivor, I have a deep understanding of the importance of patient input within the care planning process. I believe that when the care team has a clear understanding of a patient’s most forefront issues, the plan for that patient will be more effective. With a foundation in Public Health, I appreciate the importance of assessing a patient’s symptoms, and also acting as their advocate. This relationship starts at the beginning of a patient’s treatment journey all the way through survivorship.

From an informatics perspective, I am excited about how Carevive provides a means of creating a technologic needs assessment to enhance care of the oncology patient. I feel privileged to be working closely with the customer clinical team members to implement Carevive products, and knowing that those who help care for patients―whether they are family or friends―are doing so with a better understanding of the patient’s needs.

This company is filled with innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedicated to a great cause. As one of my colleagues said, what could be better than this?

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