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Mary Capas

Human Resources Manager


Years of HR management experience


Amazing daughters who in addition to gray hair, have given me 2 wonderful sons-in-law and 3 yummy grandbabies!


Loveable Chocolate lab-who serves as my dedicated assistant and is a cancer survivor


Years hosting Thanksgiving with family & friends – ending in epic marshmallow fights

Random things about me…

    • I believe human resources must serve as the conscience of the organization.
    • I still love being married to my high school sweetheart!
    • I recently visited my late mother’s home and relatives in Cuba. A humbling experience.
    • My mantra: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”


Mary has a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University and advanced human resource management experience in employee relations, performance & compensation management, recruitment, and benefits management. She also has experience providing human resources consulting and training to small companies. Her 18 years supporting the growth in the cellular/wireless industry included managing teams of human resource managers throughout the southeast. Afterward, she provided human resource leadership support to an EHR startup – growing from 25 to 130 employees when sold. Mary has been with Carevive since 2016.

Why I Joined Carevive

I had recently lost a family member to glioblastoma. Her cancer journey was not only tragic but frustrating and confusing – trying to navigate through the process, providers, options, etc. I could not pass up the opportunity to be a part of a company truly committed to cancer research, helping patients make more educated treatment choices and to improving lives and outcomes for cancer patients.

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