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John Elliott

Vice President of Sales


I’m a Type 1 diabetic (diagnosed in 1991)


Year in strategic sales and consulting


MLB ballparks visited


Beautiful children

Random things about me…

  • My wife and I first met when we were roughly 2 years old
  • Starting to love sprint triathlons (5 completed)
  • On the Corporate Committee for JDRF Kansas City
  • Favorite vacation destination: the mountains in the summer
  • Skydived with my dad in Las Vegas for his 60th birthday


John has been in strategic selling and consulting since 2007. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with Honors from the American Advertising Federation. With the knowledge gained throughout the Temerlin Advertising Management program and internship at The Richards Group supporting innovation strategy for the agencies top client, Home Depot, he began his career as an Account Executive with Plasma Computing Group. Over the course of three-year tenure with Plasma, he established the largest account to date (AT&T DevCentral). In 2010, Five Elms Capital brought John onboard to consult on the development of a business process management tool that would manage business to consumer and business to business operations.

In 2012 John joined Cerner Corporation where he served as a Senior Sales Executive with sales responsibility for women’s health, cardiology, radiology, and oncology. Within each respected specialty venue, John worked closely with Cerner partners related to device integration and complementary software solutions. He also worked on the development of business cases for community and IDN health systems to invest in innovative technology, people and processes. John will complete his Executive MBA from Olin business school, Washington University in late 2019.

Why I Joined Carevive

Everyone has been impacted by cancer in their life directly or indirectly and Carevive is focused on improving the outcomes and experience for everyone involved, which aligns with my passion. As a type 1 diabetic, I have firsthand experience with regularly navigating healthcare and aware of the opportunities for improvement. Carevive is an innovator for one of the largest patient populations that often have the most difficult time navigating healthcare. It feels rewarding to simplify something that is complex and know you are impacting lives. Joining Carevive also supports a career objective of building relationships with health organizations aiming to improve efficiencies through technology, ultimately leading to improved patient and provider experiences.

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