Janet Moga

VP, Research Operations


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Random things about me…

  • I am acknowledged in 2 books written by 2 different friends who were also my colleagues from different companies (one memoir and one fiction)
  • My favorite dish to cook and a quick weeknight meal is cacio e pepe (even better when you add bacon!)
  • I’ve paraglided over Baldy Mountain in Sun Valley, Idaho and I would do it again!
  • I have 6 siblings and 50 first cousins. Family reunions are fun (and loud!)
  • I traveled in Europe with my husband and 2 daughters for 6 weeks in 2014 and I would do that again too!


Janet Moga began her early career in pharmaceutical advertising working on one of the first direct-to-consumer campaigns in smoking cessation. Working in production as well as account management in an agency built a foundation for her love of “all things operational”. Combined with her curiosity for science and passion for patient care, Janet found herself continuing in healthcare communications specifically building and executing medical education programs in a multitude of therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, depression, neurology, diabetes and oncology. Janet transitioned to Genentech, the US affiliate for Roche Pharmaceuticals, continuing her work in medical education in US Medical Affairs as well as gaining experience in global late stage clinical development as a business manager for portfolio planning. In addition, Janet was part of the medical affairs business technology innovation team. Janet’s expertise is exemplified in her operational excellence, efficiency, leadership and facilitation of large cross functional teams and complex projects.

Why I Joined Carevive

Carevive has a unique offering to bring innovative technology to clinical practice which has the greatest potential for improving patient care! We are all patients and I always ask myself… What if that was me? What would I want to know to make the best, informed decisions regarding my treatment and care? Will my clinician know my goals of care and how to best treat me through every phase of my disease? This is what brought me to Carevive! I’m passionate about giving back to something that is greater than me and I have the opportunity to do this at Carevive.

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