Drace Langford

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Dachshund fur-babies


Wedding Solos


Years of age, my personal goal - it’s the gero in me

Random things about me…

  • I have attended the annual South Beach Dachshund Winterfest and Parade for the past 13 years with our three doxies Oliver, Rocky and Abigail;  imagine 300-plus dachshunds in one place!
  • I LOVE to cook – you are always welcome to dinner
  • Singing is a passion of mine; a Pavarotti I am not…yet ?
  • I  love my twin sister dearly, even though she kept her gorgeous red hair and I remain follicularly challenged


Drace Langford serves as Manager, Advocacy Relations and Partnerships at Carevive Systems. Most recently, Drace was the Director of Continuing Education for the Institute for Medical Education & Research (IMER), an accredited provider of continuing medical education programs for nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals specializing in oncology. Prior to IMER, Drace was Director of the Center on Aging and the Miami Area Geriatric Education Center (MAGEC), both at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Drace received a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Ecology from University of California, Irvine and Baylor University awarded him a Master’s of Science in Gerontology.

Why I Joined Carevive

A little over three years ago, my Mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and then just 6 months later stage IIIC ovarian cancer. Needless to say, it was a difficult time. Fortunately, my Mother’s “care team,” including her gyn onc and many family members, friends and co-workers in the oncology medical education field were available to ensure her therapy adhered to evidence-based guidelines including real-time access to current and relevant patient education materials. All of this, coupled with my Mom’s incredible resolve and inner-strength have prepared her well in her continued fight to beat cancer.

Carevive does all this and more! Carevive’s distress/symptom management and survivorship care plans are exactly what every patient and their clinician need to improve clinical practice workflow; and in my Mom’s case, better patient outcomes. I firmly believe that when patients are provided the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions regarding their care and treatment, the potential is limitless, the potential is life and love.

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