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Patient Engagement in Value-Based Care: Real-World Case Studies Using Shared-Decision Making and ePROs

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Carevive’s  Dr. Carrie Stricker led an expert panel the ACCC 44th Annual Meeting and Cancer Center Business Summit in which perspectives were shared on a collaborative research initiative—designed to advance the science of patient engagement—using shared-decision making (SDM) to align clinician and patient understanding of care goals, while systematically enabling electronic capture of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs).


Carrie Tompkins Stricker

Carrie Tompkins Stricker, PhD, RN, AOCN
Chief Clinical Officer, Carevive

Ethan Basch, MD

Ethan Basch, MD
Director, Cancer Outcomes Research Program; Professor, Medicine & Public Health
UNC-Chapel Hill Cancer Prevention and Control

Brad Bott, MBA, CCRP, Director, Oncology Clinical Program, Intermountain Healthcare

Brad Bott, MBA, CCRP
Director, Oncology Clinical Program, Intermountain Healthcare

Nancy Lutz Paynter, MBA, CHCP, Director of Learning & Clinical Integration, Medical Affairs, Genentech

Nancy Lutz Paynter, MBA, CHCP
Director of Learning & Clinical Integration, Medical Affairs, Genentech

Highlights from this session include:

  • Understanding the need for and refinement of implementation science behind PROs to be scalable in the clinic and for population health management
  • Analyzing PROs  when evaluating new drug approval and drug reimbursement
  • Adding more scientific layers to the shared decision-making experience
  • Using PROs for measuring and improving value in routine cancer care including improving survival and reducing ED visits
  • How to use PROs for Observational Research/RWE Registries, Quality Assessment, and Value Frameworks
  • Overview of patient-centric collaboration project using SDM to improve patient experience and outcomes in patients with mCRC

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