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[Whitepaper] Benefits and Challenges of Medicare’s Enhancing Oncology Model - Administrative Focus

EOM Whitepaper Admin Focus

Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, Richard M. Goldberg Distinguished Professor and Chief of Oncology, UNC School of Medicine, moderated a  webinar on August 26, 2022 which was intended to understand the oncology administrative leadership perspectives on EOM. Administrative panelists and attendee participants were asked the following questions:

  • Are you going to participate? If not sure, why? What questions does your organization still have?
  • How are you planning to provide enhanced patient services?
  • What will you do over the next twelve months with a gap in the program (will you stop existing enhanced patient services)?
  • Are you working with your other major commercial payer customers on value-based programs? Do they require the same services and/or quality standards as EOM?

This whitepaper summarizes all the great discussions from the webinar.

Get access and download our latest whitepaper:
Benefits and Challenges of Medicare’s Enhancing Oncology Model: Administrative Focus“.

Insights from our Guest Panelists

Look for what already exists and try to enhance it…as oncology providers grapple over how to implement EOM requirements, it will become apparent these are not mutually exclusive services.

Melissa ChildressChief Operations OfficerSeidman Cancer Center

No one in oncology would question whether the redesign activities are the correct direction for cancer care to go.

Wendy AndrewsPractice Manager Division of Hematology/Oncology The University of Arizona Cancer Center

We will submit RFA in September and continue to work internally to decide.

Jamie BachmanJohns Hopkins Medicine