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Cancer Survivorship Symposium: Advancing Care and Research

It was announced last May and now its finally happening this weekend.  That’s right, the first ever Cancer Survivorship Symposium: Advancing Care and Research takes over the San Francisco Marriott Marquis on January 15 and 16.

Survivorship is a topic in cancer care that extends beyond the oncologist’s office. In recognition of the vital teamwork needed across specialties to ensure the best cancer survivorship care possible, this new symposium has been created to address the needs of clinicians and researchers who are interested in cancer survivorship care.

And we are excited to attend and we will be presenting two abstracts at the symposium. Be sure to visit the Exhibit Hall Booth # 23  as we will be at our booth and looking forward in connecting with colleagues and peers.

Poster Session A

Integrating the primary care physician into cancer follow-up 
Abstract No: 102
Poster Board Number: Poster Session A (Board #N2)
Times: Friday January 15, 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM , 5:25 PM to 6:30 PM
Location: Golden Gate Hall
More info

Recall and uptake of survivorship care plan recommendations
Abstract No: 67
Poster Board Number: Poster Session A (Board #J3)
Times: Friday January 15, 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM , 5:25 PM to 6:30 PM
Location: Golden Gate Hall
More info

Carevive Systems has been heavily involved in survivorship since its inception. Cancer survivorship care plans have been a flagship feature of our clinical practice and patient engagement tools.  Dr. Carrie Stricker, our Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer,  a nurse scientist and renowned cancer survivorship expert, has been advocating for more evidence-based and scientifically rigorous cancer survivorship care plans that not only improve outcomes but patient engagement as well.

Is Your Cancer Center Oncology Care Model Ready?

Learn how our survivorship care planning system can help with national standards and mandates. Carevive supports requirements for CMS Oncology Care Model (OCM) payment model and supports Commission on Cancer Accreditation Requirements for Distress Screening and Survivorship – providing a proactive, evidence-based symptom management care plan.

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Carevive’s Care Planning System extends beyond the capabilities that freeware programs can offer. We focus on providing personalized and proactive care plans at the point of care, tailored for each individual patient, and localized to a given institution’s resources and preferences for content. Freeware programs typically provide require manual entry to personalize content to the individual patient, and typically cannot support local configuration of care plan recommendations and resources. We also leverage our extensive network of over 250 clinical and scientific faculty to keep the content of our care plans up-to-date and evidence-based; thus, it is again the scientific rigor and clinical relevance of our content that distinguishes us. Finally, our care plans incorporate patient reported data and outcomes for even more sophisticated tailoring to the individual patient needs and concerns.



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