Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes

Our e-PRO features to collect, display and store patient-reported data for active patient management and analytic purposes.

Navigation/Care Coordination

Documentation and reporting functionality to identify patient eligibility, track care plan delivery, support navigator follow-through, track patient care plan adherence and utilization of service line referrals

Risk Stratification

Our risk stratification models flag at-risk patients and follow them more closely with our supportive care protocols with the intent of keeping them on treatment and out of the hospital.

Symptom Triage Protocols

Intervene early with over 100 evidence-based supportive care triage protocols.

Patient Symptom Trending

Longitudinal trending of symptom experience displayed to clinicians at the point of care to illustrate the patient’s overall status.


With the Carevive plans I have all the information I need right here. If I need more, than the other web links in the care plans are very helpful. They are so helpful to me. I even have used it to help another patient (a relative) who is going through treatment and lacked a lot of information I had because I learned about it from the care plan (i.e., managing nausea).

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