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CAMC Treatment Clinic Reports Satisfaction and Success with Carevive’s Cancer Care Management Platform

By March 16, 2021April 8th, 2021No Comments
CAMC Treatment Clinic Reports Satisfaction and Success with Carevive’s Cancer Care Management Platform

An Interview 120 Days Post Go Live

Carevive is delighted to present this final interview of our series tracking Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) progress in implementing Carevive’s digital cancer care solutions in their newly developed Cancer Treatment Clinic. Oncology Survivorship Program Coordinator Carrie Wines, RN, BSN, ONN-CG, says that since launching their new pre-treatment clinic and going live with Carevive on September 30, 2020, CAMC has reduced cancer treatment delays by 15%. Carevive applauds these results and is honored to contribute to workflow efficiencies that result in improved cancer care. Read about CAMC’s progress below.

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Your center went live with Carevive on September 30, 2020. What feedback has your team provided now that they’ve been using Carevive in the clinic for more than 4 months?

Users report increased confidence in navigating the individual sections used to build care plans with Carevive. The continued scheduled calls and support from Kristin, our Carevive Account Manager for Client Success, is also beneficial to user learning and provides our team with timely updates on requested changes and enhancements from Carevive. We increased our number of users by adding registration representatives who utilize iPads to log in and assist patients who did not complete their patient surveys during the check-in process. These process changes have proven to be efficient and successful.

You mentioned soon after go-live that some patients had expressed that their treatment plans made them feel more prepared for their upcoming treatment visits and eased some anxiety. Have you received any other feedback from patients about PROmpt and the ability to receive their care plans electronically and in an interactive format on demand?

Patients who elected to enroll in PROmpt have expressed satisfaction with the ease of use, particularly in logging in and reviewing their plans. One patient said that sharing information with her family members using some of the electronic links embedded in her plan was very helpful. Her family members used the pages to learn more about what to expect in her cancer journey and how they could help her along the way.

You spoke previously about how the ease of creating care plans and using the reporting functionality within Carevive allows your team to address barriers to care sooner in both the treatment and survivorship phases. How are you measuring quality improvement overall, and what metrics are you tracking at your center?    

We are assigning Carevive’s distress screening survey to all clinic patients, both pre-and post-treatment. This allows us to easily monitor whether a patient is experiencing the same or different types of distress after treatment, and to provide continued support and resources to address areas of continued distress.

We previously discussed the diligent work your team did throughout the implementation process that contributed to a successful go-live and launch of Carevive. What improved efficiencies have you seen at the center since implementing Carevive?

Delays in scheduling chemotherapy and immunotherapy infusions have decreased by 15% since we implemented our pre-treatment clinic, and Carevive has been instrumental in helping us achieve this level of improvement. By showing us how easy it is to create treatment plans using the Carevive platform, and working with us to integrate care planning into our newly created treatment clinic, helped us identify and resolve potential delays such as incomplete labs, scans, port placement, or cardiology and dental clearance. Improved planning allows care teams to deliver timely cancer infusion treatments, which leads to better patient outcomes.

Any stories or anecdotes you can provide about your center’s experience since going live with Carevive last year?

We continue to see our new process evolve each week, with plans being created and shared with patients in a different fashion than before we launched Carevive. Staff are feeling more confident in the delivery of quality educational information that is being produced through Carevive’s treatment and survivorship care planning platform.

Kristen Dininno, RN
Account Manager at Carevive Systems
Kristen is an Account Manager on the Client Success team at Carevive Systems. She has 8 years of experience in the healthcare technology space, specializing in areas of account management, project management and customer success. She has a BS degree in Nursing and worked as an RN for several years prior to obtaining her MBA at Nova Southeastern University and moving into healthcare technology. She most recently worked in the telehealth sector as a senior account manager for MDLIVE. She has a passion for improving the lives of patients and families alike through technology solutions that help to support the healthcare journey from end to end.