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Madelyn Herzfeld

Madelyn Trupkin Herzfeld is a Co-Founder and CEO of Carevive Systems, a cancer clinical practice and patient engagement software company. She also was Founder, President, and General Manager of the Institute for Medical Education & Research, Inc. (IMER), where she led the development of accredited oncology continuing education/continuing medical education programs for nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals specializing in oncology for 12 years.

Opportunities and Challenges with Patient-Centered, Outcomes-Driven Care Delivery Models
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Opportunities and Challenges with Patient-Centered Care and Outcomes-Driven Care Delivery Models

As the CEO of a health care technology company, I want to state for the record that technology does not heal. Caregivers heal. And the oncologist, in particular, blends the skills of scientist and clergy to heal patients and their families during the most challenging of times. Oncologists want patient-centered care and want patients and families to share in the…
Madelyn Herzfeld
February 11, 2016