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Cerner Healthcare Conference

Cerner Healthcare Conference 2016 (CHC16), Kansas City , Kansas, November 14-17, 2016

Cerner, a leading health information technology (HIT) solutions, services, devices and hardware company,  organize their annual conference in Kansas City. I had never been to Kansas City and I have never used Cerner’s in my clinical practice. I wondered what I could learn if I had not used Cerner previously in clinical practice. I have experience with Allscripts and Epic.

To put it lightly, I was extremely impressed overall.  Cerner not only organizes a massive conference but knows how to assemble a great mix of health care innovators, practices, informational sessions, inspirational keynote addresses, and networking events.  The conference theme was “Creating Healthier Stories.” Cerner and many of the onsite exhibitors held what felt like a 24/7 demonstration of how they are improving patient care.

Most of us in oncology have more work than we can handle and very limited time and resources to do it. Especially in the month of December! So, let me summarize what I learned and my key takeaways from the #CHC16.  I looked forward to next year.

Health Care IT

The health care IT world is very exciting. EHRs were just the beginning. The number of platforms, patient engagement tools and capabilities that Cerner and other companies offer is truly exciting for patient care.


Companies have built platforms that integrate with EHRs to give clinicians immediate access to disease specific tools to take better care of our patients. This is the future. Our EHRs alone will not suffice. If you are looking for a particular solution for your center you should search for it, it might already be built.

Patient Engagement

More patient engagement is where we are headed. Mobile devices are and will continue to be used for patient engagement. Very innovative and powerful! Think of all of the possibilities to assist your patients even when they are not in your office.

Cerner Openness

Time and time again IT professionals who use Cerner asked me “What does Carevive offer?” Once I quickly explained the helpfulness of the oncology platform they nodded with a smile as they said “great, I’ll tell my oncology team.” To my near shock each Cerner user understood that integration is not only possible but also absolutely necessary to meet clinical standards and patient care. Their open mind was exciting and encouraging.

Oncology Platform

The Carevive team demonstrated at the Cerner demonstration booth how integration with Cerner helps cancer centers improve quality of care. Chief Clinical Officer, Carrie Stricker, PhD, RN, showed how our care planning platform integrates with EHRs to help centers meet OCM and CoC requirement.

Specifically Carevive improves quality of care and decreases costs through

  • Treatment Planning
  • Distress Screening and Symptom Management (ePROs)
  • Survivorship Care Planning
  • Navigation

No one can or wants to create spreadsheets to meet the OCM requirements or manually create all of the Survivorship Care Plans to meet the CoC Standard. Carevive’s integrated platform helps you do this. To talk about how we can help your center click here.


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