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Carevive Responds to Global Pandemic with 100% Virtual Deployment of Cancer Care Platform

North Miami, Florida — August 28, 2020 — Carevive Systems, a North Miami-based health technology company that builds software solutions for cancer centers, announces its transition to 100% virtual deployment of its cancer care management platform. Since the novel coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic began, Carevive has helped four different cancer centers, located in four different states across the U.S., successfully implement…
August 28, 2020
In The News

Setting the Standard: Implementing Evidence-Based Oncology Standards in Your Practice

Originally posted on ONS Connect.  As oncology research is developed, tested, reviewed, and published, new evidence is introduced and changes to the care environment are made. Nurses are no strangers to evidence-based practice changes, and they’re often leading the way when it comes to implementing new oncology standards of care. Oncology nurses are integral members of the cancer care team, and…
January 9, 2017