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5 Key Takeaways From Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies

What has been labeled as the ultimate biography of cancer, Barak Goodman’s documentary Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies, based on the book by Siddharta Mukherjee, aired in March and is causing quite the buzz within the oncology community. The amazing biopic covers a wide range of topics of cancer ranging from early treatments from 1900s, advancements in surgery, targeted…
May 18, 2015

GW caSNP Survivorship Webinar FAQs Answered

GW caSNP and Carevive Health teamed for the webinar Survivorship Care Plans: Introducing A Novel Technology to Transform Burden into Opportunity on April 15. The 1 hour timeframe was not enough for presenter Dr. Carrie Stricker to answer all the participant questions, therefore we thought it prudent to post all of the answers here on our blog.  We'd like to thank…
Carrie Stricker
May 4, 2015

Outcomes and Satisfaction After Delivery of a Breast Cancer Survivorship Care Plan: Results of a Multicenter Trial

I'm very pleased this study we conducted at Penn is finally published on Journal of Oncology Practice. It presents the main results from the 9 center study of survivorship care plans I led while at Penn, and this is important as it documents positive outcomes of survivorship care plans. Steven C. Palmer, PhD, Carrie Tompkins Stricker, PhD, RN, SarahLena L. Panzer, Sarah…
Carrie Stricker
March 18, 2015

Survivorship Care Plans in the U.S.: Current Status and Future Challenges

Carevive Health's Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Carrie Tompkins Stricker, gave a presentation on survivorship care plans in Tokyo, Japan during the 1st International Seminar on Cancer Nursing. The seminar theme was "The Role of Cancer Nursing in Improving Quality of Cancer Care: The Current Situation and Outlook for Developments 10 Years from Now".  
Carrie Stricker
February 10, 2015