Given my longstanding interest in addressing and managing psychiatric symptoms in the context of physiologic disease processes, I chose to pursue a career as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  During my graduate work and clinical training at the University of Pennsylvania, I was fortunate to complete my MSN clinical rotation in Psycho-Oncology at the Abramson Cancer Center within the Hospital University of Pennsylvania.  As I rotated throughout the clinics at Abramson, I learned to assess and manage psychiatric symptoms presenting in patients during treatment and survivorship. This experience allowed me to develop my medical-psychiatric skills while caring for the patient population I am most passionate about, Oncology.  Since completing my graduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, I have since worked as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner on inpatient psychiatric units, psychiatric consultation liaison services and have had the pleasure of consulting with Carevive Health since the Fall of 2013.

Most recently, I have taken on a new role working as a psychiatric consultant at the University of Michigan, where I am developing and implementing an innovative model of psychiatric consultation that involves direct patient consultation when appropriate, while largely providing consultation and education to members of the primary medical-surgical treatment teams in an effort to increase their perceived competence in managing patients’ escalating psychiatric and behavioral symptoms in the general medical setting. In addition to the clinical consultation with patients and primary treatment teams, I consult on an organizational level, serving as a liaison between the clinical and administrative setting to identify areas of clinical need that may be addressed through practice guideline revision and protocol development.