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I can’t say enough about the Carevive Care Planning System… I think its extremely helpful in making the visit much more complete and efficient …With all the issues cancer patients can have, there’s only so much time one has in a day, so the care plan improves efficiency by helping me 'cut to the chase’ and highlight the top issues from both the patient and clinical perspective, focus the visit on these, and then provide them with targeted resources and referrals for their individual concerns and needs.

Dr. Susan Minton - Breast Medical Oncologist, Moffitt Cancer Center

The Carevive system helps identify problems and issues that patients don’t tell me otherwise. This allows me to direct the encounter to patient needs and goals of care in a way I am not typically able.

Dr. Randall Gibb - Gynecologic Oncologist, Billings, Montana

This product goes far beyond what any of the other survivorship care planning programs on the market are able to provide and creates personalized, evidenced-based survivorship care plans that meet the latest requirements. For patients looking for a clear plan once treatment is complete, providers who want to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive care, or providers just looking for an easy-to-use care planning system, Carevive Health has thought of it all and is an excellent resource for almost any practice.

Carrie Tilley, MSN, ANP-BC - Cancer Survivorship Program at The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates