Treatment Care Plans (IOM)

First rules engine technology that enables personalized treatment care plans consistent with the 13 required elements of the IOM care management plan .

Distress & Symptom Management Plans

First rules engine technology that enables personalized symptom management care plans based on mapping PRO, clinical data, and evidence-based guidelines. Our validated assessment tools designed by supportive/palliative oncology experts.

24/7 Patient Access

Survivorship Care Plans

The most sophisticated rules engine on the market for personalized survivorship care planning. Evidence-based content available for 70% of cancer types and 100 clinical topics, written by respective subject matter experts (and maintained quarterly).


The Carevive system helps identify problems and issues that patients don’t tell me otherwise. This allows me to direct the encounter to patient needs and goals of care in a way I am not typically able.

Dr. Randall GibbGynecologic Oncologist, Billings, Montana

I can’t say enough about the Carevive Care Planning System… I think its extremely helpful in making the visit much more complete and efficient …With all the issues cancer patients can have, there’s only so much time one has in a day, so the care plan improves efficiency by helping me ‘cut to the chase’ and highlight the top issues from both the patient and clinical perspective, focus the visit on these, and then provide them with targeted resources and referrals for their individual concerns and needs.

Susan Minton, DOBreast Medical Oncologist, Moffitt Cancer Center

I cant say enough about the Carevive platform… it’s extremely helpful in making my clinic visits more complete and efficient.

Christian Bohrer, NPBillings Clinic

What I really like about the platform is the patient’s ability to report his or her own symptoms, and then we can generate evidence-based practice data to manage those symptoms. Subsequently, we provide an intensive care plan for them. Our patients appear to love the platform, and for our providers, both they and we love the platform because we’re able to see what patients are truly experiencing and help them manage their symptoms more effectively.

Jeannine Brant, PhD, APRN, AOCN Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Scientist, Billings Clinic

Overall, I love the product. The following information highlights several areas that I find beneficial to the patient and the process:
• Less time spent creating the treatment summary due to the design
• Patients are able to participate in the process of creating their own care plans by answering the pre-visit questionnaire.
• Responses to the questionnaire trigger a personalized care plan based on the patient’s presenting complaints
• The ability to review the patients responses to the questionnaire prior to the visit helps make the visit more efficient and thorough
• The surveillance section with guidelines is clear and concise
• Ability to interface with our registry will assist in generating a higher volume of treatment summaries/care plans
• Maintaining up to date clinical content

Deb WalkerHartford Health Care