Ricardo Mazzi

Chief Marketing Officer


World Cups attended


Years playing drums


Seconds, my record holding breath underwater


Miles jogged (includes 2 half marathons) since 2009

Random things about me…

  • My favorite club soccer team is Juventus F.C. and aside from soccer I love racquetball.
  • I speak 2.5 languages. Shrek and The Simpsons in Spanish are hilarious!
  • I have a natural talent for memorizing random dates and times of events. Sometimes it’s useful.
  • Prefer comedy skits over stand-up comedians.
  • I used to watch “telenovelas” as a kid.


Ricardo Mazzi has been working on the world wide web since the late 1990s. From developing websites to marketing and managing e-commerce stores for nutraceutical companies in the early 2000s, Ricardo has always been involved in online marketing, website development, and multimedia production. He graduated with a B.S. in Audio Engineering from The American University, Washington, D.C. Prior to his work with website development and online marketing, Ricardo worked in the Television/Broadcast industry. He began this part of his career at Telemundo 64, a Washington, D.C. network affiliate as Traffic and Business Manager.

Later he moved on to become the Technical Director for People+Arts, a joint-venture network between the British Broadcasting Corporation and Discovery Channel Latin America that broadcasted to over 50 million households in Latin America. His consultancy work in web and online marketing eventually led him to Institute of Medical Education and Research (IMER) where he led the web/multimedia team on digital, interactive, online marketing, and eLearning initiatives.

After IMER was sold, Ricardo went to Sovereign Society-Dent Research, a division of Agora Publishing, where he served as Website and Technology Director.

Why I Joined Carevive

Having worked previously in oncology continuing medical education allowed me to realize how our work affects patients and their loved ones, nurses, oncologists, and caregivers. There is nothing like waking up in the morning and loving what you do and feeling a profound sense of purpose knowing what you do has so much significance in the fight against cancer. Everyone has been touched by cancer, friends or relatives, directly or indirectly and to say that we help build patient engagement tools that supports clinicians in the delivery of quality cancer care, is huge a satisfaction for me.

Ultimately, we are working towards something greater and its an honor to apply my strengths, skills, and passion to the Carevive team.

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