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Michael Driscoll

Lead Application Architect


Years working in Health Care IT


Number of Pets (4 cats and a dog) who all have human names


Number of Cruises I have been on


Number of Audiobooks I’ve listened to

Random things about me…

    • I had the best ever hand-stuffed cannoli in a small pasticceria in Messina, Italy

    • I learned computer programming on a TRS-80 Color Computer

    •  I’ve seen the band Rascal Flatts 13 times in concert (which is nothing compared the 24 times my wife has seen them)

    •  My wife and I like to wear matching shirts, our current favorite is Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man


Michael Driscoll is the Lead Application Architect at Carevive.   Michael has 23 years of experience in healthcare IT.   Before joining Carevive he was with SigmaCare for over 10 years working on software solutions to improve the lives of the residents of long term care facilities with a secondary focus on reducing costs and maximizing operational efficiency.  Michael began his career in healthcare IT working for PenChart which later became Amicore.  PenChart was a pioneering EMR using wireless tablets to bring healthcare documentation to the point of care.  The goal was to allow providers to document their patient care while at the point of care in an efficient yet intuitive way with minimal distraction.  The result was a significant reduction in errors and immediate access to all necessary information, allowing providers to give the best care possible.


Michael’s combined experience in software development and systems management has allowed him to create highly scalable and customizable software solutions to address the ongoing challenges in medical information technology.   He looks forward to applying his unique skills and expertise to create software solutions that improve the lives of cancer care patients and the providers who work so hard to manage their care.

Why I Joined Carevive

My first software development job was working in the newspaper advertising field.  My second software development job was working for a small company that was making an EMR running on wireless tablet computers at a time when wireless networks and tablet computers were not common.  The challenges of trying to take paper processes that had been in place for decades and changing the workflow in a provider practice to no longer rely on paper charts was at times frustrating but also very rewarding.  The end result was significantly better patient care.  The experience of making a real difference in patient lives was so rewarding that I have chosen to remain in the field for my entire career and I could not see me working in any other field.  The opportunity at Carevive to help make a real difference in cancer care was compelling for me on many levels.   Having lost a father to cancer and understanding how difficult it is for cancer patients and their family members to navigate all of the challenges they will encounter, I felt my experience could help lessen those challenges.   Providers and patients should be able to focus primarily on the care being provided and the software should be one of the tools that allows them to do that.


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