Louis Hyman

Chief Technology Officer


Years in healthcare information technology


Successful healthcare information technology companies built and sold


Star Trek conventions attended (not in costume)


Amazing teenage daughters who keep my wife and me on our toes

Random things about me…

  • Broke my thumb during one of my first times skiing down a black diamond slope (I slipped while standing still at the bottom of the hill after one of the runs)
  • I worked as a bellhop in the Catskills for a summer and used most of the tips to purchase an Atari 800 computer and a TV (I am truly dating myself)
  • I was the captain of my college computer team which competed against other universities, but we never knew why the basketball team was more popular
  • My kids have blocked me on snapchat for the overuse of bitmojis


Mr. Hyman’s healthcare information technology expertise comes from over 25 years in strategic technology roles and developing successful electronic health record systems, healthcare connectivity solutions, mHealth products, physician practice management systems, electronic prescribing applications, and computerized order entry tools servicing physician practices, payers and nursing homes.  Prior to joining Carevive, Mr. Hyman held executive and senior management positions at companies which include SirenMD, SigmaCare (now MatrixCare, a long-term care EHR), WebMD and LaPook Lear Systems, Inc. along with starting his career as a Systems Engineer with IBM Corporation.

Mr. Hyman graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Computer Science from St. John’s University and has been published in several healthcare industry publications and spoken at numerous healthcare information technology events.

Why I Joined Carevive

My mother passed away from cancer when I was 13.  She was an amazing person who after excelling at Barnard in writing decided to be a history teacher.  Not only was my mother a beloved middle school history teacher but she also tutored many of the kids in the neighborhood in just about every subject.

It is because of the memory of my mother that I joined Carevive.  It is a huge motivation to know that the Carevive technology helps the lives of patients as well as the numerous people whose lives are enriched by each patient who experiences the care management strength of Carevive.

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