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Random things about me…

  • I’m known for my laugh! A colleague recently located me at a poster session through hearing my laugh from rows away. “Carrie must be here!” she thought to herself.
  • My husband and I plan our vacations around wine routes.
  • I’m the official keeper of the “Carevive diary,” which includes the funniest and most rewarding moments in our company’s history. Ask me about it.
  • My 9 year-old son regularly corrects people when they mispronounce Carevive. ???? Will he have to correct you?


Dr. Carrie Tompkins Stricker is a nurse scientist and oncology nurse practitioner with 20 years of experience in the delivery, development, and evaluation of quality patient-centered care for individuals with cancer. She received both her PhD and MSN degrees from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and her BSN from the Ohio State University. She is internationally recognized as an expert in supportive and survivorship care for cancer patients, including both national and international awards for the development and implementation of evidence-based guidelines for symptom management in oncology.

As a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Stricker has secured over $1 million in funding for her research, and has been a key collaborator on grants totaling more than $7 million in federal funding. Previously, as Director of Survivorship Clinical Programs for the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, she oversaw clinical survivorship program development and evaluation.

Why I Joined Carevive

With over 18 years as an oncology nurse clinician and scientist, I’ve often observed one thing loudly and clearly. I, like my colleagues, deeply want to provide the best evidence-based, patient-centered, comprehensive care possible for patients with cancer and their families. Yet every day, we come across numerous barriers to achieving that goal–trying to keep up with the vast amount of knowledge swirling around treatment and supportive care, understanding reimbursement systems that do not recognize how long it takes to integrate patients’ personal targets and priorities into decision-making, and lacking ready access to the data we need at the point of care (both patient stats and clinical evidence!). But we strive to provide amazing care despite these roadblocks. Our patients and their families face formidable challenges that can be even more difficult than our own, navigating a sea of often complex information and a fragmented, often unfamiliar health care system, all the while adjusting to a new “normal” of uncertainty, overwhelming costs, unwelcome physical symptoms, and changing emotional reactions.

And so, in 2013, Madelyn Herzfeld, our CEO, and I teamed up to develop Carevive (then On Q Health) as we knew we had to do something transformational, something far more than build processes, protocols, and programs into a single institution.

Carevive marries technology and content to support clinicians and engage in patients’ lives and those of their families. We use a scientifically rigorous, user-centric approach that was my vision as a clinician and a scientist at Penn. That vision incorporates best practices, patients’ voices, and best evidence at the point of care in a manner that effectively enables quality, evidence-based, patient-centered therapy through leveraging the expertise and knowledge of thousands at Carevive. This is our mission, and we look forward to working with you to help achieve that aim!

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